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. The KNOB is Broken: Exploiting Low Entropy in the Encryption Key Negotiation of Bluetooth BR/EDR. USEC, 2019.

. State-Aware Anomaly Detection for Industrial Control Systems. SAC, 2018.


. Gamifying ICS Security Training and Research: Design, Implementation, and Results of S3. CPS-SCP (co-located with ACM CCS), 2017.

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. Legacy-Compliant Data Authentication for Industrial Control System Traffic. ACNS, 2017.

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. Towards high-interaction virtual ICS honeypots-in-a-box. CPS-SCP (co-located with ACM CCS), 2016.

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. MiniCPS: A toolkit for security research on CPS networks. CPS-SCP (co-located with ACM CCS), 2015.

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. On-chip lightweight implementation of reduced NIST randomness test suite. HOST, 2013.


. Design and Testing of RNG. University of Bologna and University of Massachussets Amherst, 2013.

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. Artificial Optical Radiation Management, Risk and Safety in the Hospital Environment. Tecnica Ospedaliera (Italian Magazine), 2010.