Standard-compliant attack to the Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth (KNOB)


A toolkit to reverse engineer and attack Google's Nearby Connections


A framework for Cyber-Physical Systems real-time simulation, built on top of Mininet

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Recently, I've stumbled upon the webpage about Security Engineering – Third Edition (SEv3) by Prof. Ross Anderson. I'm …


  • Summer 2018: TA Security Principles (SPR) MSc, University of Oxford UK, Prof K.B. Rasmussen
    • CIA, Authentication, Cryptography, RSA, Protocols
    • Exercises and presentation of Scyther
  • Fall 2017: TA 50.012 Networks BSc, SUTD Singapore, Prof N.O. Tippenhauer
    • TCP/IP, UDP, BGP, SDN, HTTP, REST, TLS, tunnels, NAT
    • Lab session, grading, office hours
  • Spring 2017: TA 50.020 Security BSc, SUTD Singapore, Prof N.O. Tippenhauer
    • CIA, Cryptography, Exploitation, TLS, CTF, Network Security
    • Lab session, grading, office hours
  • 2013-2015: Private teacher
    • Grad/undergrad: linear algebra, calculus, programming (C, Pascal)
    • High school: math, physics, programming (C++)
  • 2013: External Professor for High School Final Exams (Italy)
    • LAMP, SQL, PHP, JS, relational DB, MVC, HTTP(S)