S317: MiniCPS Challenges

I recently open-sourced the code that I developed for the MiniCPS challenges for the SWaT Security Showdown (S3) event in 2017.

Here is the code.

The init.sh contains the list of commands that I run on a local testing machine and on the remote AWS instances that we used during the event. The attackers were provided with the VPN credentials to access two different subnetworks in a mixed MiniCPS simulation eg: water treatment (SWaT) and water distribution (WaDI).

The code is expecting to find the four files (flags) in the /root/flags folder named wadi1, wadi2, flag2, and flag3. Indeed you have to create those files and write the string flags.

The relevant information to start and stop the challenges are in the README.md. In general, I like to use a Makefile as a launcher for the various commands. If you open the file, you will find several targets. To test the challenges locally use:

make local

Please let me know if you find any bugs or missing files.

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