FP-tracer PETS'24 Paper and Artifact

Modern websites use attribute-based browser fingerprinting to track us(ers) using our browser’s JavaScript API. They can track us without cookies, and regardless of what we click on websites’ consent banners.

With FP-tracer, we present a new and effective method to detect attribute-based browser fingerprinting using a taint tracking aware browser, and joint entropy thresholds. With FP-tracer, we see not only the trackers but also how much they track us. FP-tracer is available as an open-source artifact.

Through FP-tracer, we assessed 80K domains. Our study found that 8% of the domains collected enough attributes to track a browser uniquely. Sometimes, a browser can be tracked with only two attributes, i.e., userAgent and storageEstimate. Read the paper for more insights!

Soumaya Boussaha will present FP-tracer at PETS'24.

FP-tracer contributes to ENCOPIA, where we are ENabling COnnected PrIvacy Assurance.

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