Academic day_night and search

Recently gcushen updated Academic (the theme that I’m using to build this website with hugo) with two useful features that I recommend to use: day_night and search.

day_night allows the reader to toggle light and dark color themes for the website. If you look at the top navigation bar on the right you should spot an icon with either a moon (to switch to a dark theme) or a sun (to switch to a light theme).

search allows to search the website using keywords such as minicps or rearby. This functionality is accessed by clicking the magnifying glass icon close to the theme switch icon or by using vim-like shortcuts: / enables search and Esc disables it. Currently, this functionality can be supported using built-in Fuse (client-side) or Agolia (server-side). I’m using the first option.

If you are browsing from a mobile device the icons can be found by tapping the global menu icon.

Daniele Antonioli
Daniele Antonioli
Assistant Professor

Research in cyber-physical and wireless system security

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