Tutor Island: Matematica & Codice

Condivido con piacere Tutor Island il nuovo canale YouTube del mio amico e collega Paolo. Su questo canale potrete trovare tutorial in Italiano (e prossimamente anche in Inglese) su argomenti matematici, informatici e ingegneristici. Per esempio linko qui sotto una playlist con un corso per ingegneri che vogliono programmare in MATLAB/Octave: Paolo รจ un bravissimo insegnante e divulgatore scientifico con anni di esperienza alle spalle sia universitaria che professionale.

Slides and video from our 2020 talk

Here are the slides and the recording of our talk titled From Bluetooth Standard to Standard-Compliant 0-days:

Key Negotiation Downgrade Attacks on Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Our new paper Key Negotiation Downgrade Attacks on Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy will appear in the ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security. Our paper extends our previous work on the KNOB attack on Bluetooth BR/EDR to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), presents an updated evaluation of the KNOB attack for Bluetooth BR/EDR and discusses some of the countermeasures put in place by vendors such as Google and Apple after the disclosure of the KNOB attack and the amendment of the Bluetooth standard.

Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS) at IEEE S&P 2020

Our paper Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS) will be presented at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P) 2020. More information are available in the BIAS website The BIAS code will be also uploaded soon! Stay tuned and unbiased ๐Ÿ˜„

KNOB Attacks Talk at 2020

I'm glad to give a talk titled From the Bluetooth Standard to Standard Compliant 0-days together with Mathias Payer at the virtual edition of 2020. Our talk covers, among others, the technical details behind the Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth (KNOB) attack on Bluetooth BR/EDR, its extension to BLE, and the countermeasures adopted by vendors, such as Google and Apple, to mitigate the KNOB attacks. Please join us at the virtual conference!

InspiredResearch Newsletter University of Oxford

The InspiredResearch (Winter 2019 Issue 15) twice-yearly newsletter from the Computer Science Department of the University of Oxford features a nice article about the KNOB attack by Prof. Kasper Rasmussen.

Security Engineering Third Edition (SEv3)

Recently, I've stumbled upon the webpage about Security Engineering – Third Edition (SEv3) by Prof. Ross Anderson. I'm particularly attached to this book, as it is the first book about information security that I bought (I bought SEv2 in 2012), and it was very helpful to introduce me to security engineering (coming from an EE background) and to tackle my master thesis about Random Number Generators. Actually, I have to thank Prof.

Postdoc with Mathias Payer's HexHive group at EPFL

Next January I will join as a postdoc Mathias Payer‘s HexHive group at EPFL. Looking forward to start a new adventure, and meet old and new friends. ๐Ÿ˜†

KNOB Attack References and Advisories

I've collected a list of references and advisories about the KNOB attack from several hardware and software providers and organizations. You can find it in the last paragraph of the “Are my Devices Vulnerable?” section of Please let me know if any link in the list is wrong and/or broken, and if you find other relevant links!

KNOB Attack Interview with Dave Bittner (CyberWire)

Today CyberWire aired my interview about the KNOB attack with Dave Bittner.