EURECOM Digital Security opening for an Asst. Prof.

The Digital Security Department of EURECOM invites applications for a tenured position at the Assistant Professor level in the area of Digital Security. Full info here. Please spread the word 😄 !

Starting at EURECOM

It is my pleasure to announce that since 1st of June I’ve started my new adventure with EURECOM and the System Security Group (S3). I’m thrilled and honored to have joined a team of talented and diverse people, and I’m looking forward give my contribution!

CFP for USA 2021 is Open (Tips and Tricks)

Last year I had the pleasure to give a talk about critical and standard-compliant Bluetooth flaws at the virtual edition of 2020. The organizers recently opened the call-for-papers (CFP) for Hardwear.

Joining EURECOM S3 as an Assistant Professor in June 2021

Starting from June 2021, I will join EURECOM System Security Group (S3) as an Assistant Professor. I will keep doing research on the security of wireless systems, mobile/embedded systems, and (industrial) internet of things.

BLURtooth (BLUR Attacks) Disclosure

Since January 2020 we’ve been working on a security analysis of Bluetooth cross-transport key-derivation (CTKD). In May 2020 we reported to the Bluetooth SIG a set of CTKD vulnerabilities and related attacks (i.

Tutor Island: Matematica & Codice

Condivido con piacere Tutor Island il nuovo canale YouTube del mio amico e collega Paolo. Su questo canale potrete trovare tutorial in Italiano (e prossimamente anche in Inglese) su argomenti matematici, informatici e ingegneristici.

Slides and video from our 2020 talk

Here are the slides and the recording of our talk titled From Bluetooth Standard to Standard-Compliant 0-days:

Key Negotiation Downgrade Attacks on Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy

Our new paper Key Negotiation Downgrade Attacks on Bluetooth and Bluetooth Low Energy will appear in the ACM Transactions on Privacy and Security. Our paper extends our previous work on the KNOB attack on Bluetooth BR/EDR to Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), presents an updated evaluation of the KNOB attack for Bluetooth BR/EDR and discusses some of the countermeasures put in place by vendors such as Google and Apple after the disclosure of the KNOB attack and the amendment of the Bluetooth standard.

Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS) at IEEE S&P 2020

Our paper Bluetooth Impersonation AttackS (BIAS) will be presented at the IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (IEEE S&P) 2020. More information are available in the BIAS website

KNOB Attacks Talk at 2020

I’m glad to give a talk titled From the Bluetooth Standard to Standard Compliant 0-days together with Mathias Payer at the virtual edition of 2020. Our talk covers, among others, the technical details behind the Key Negotiation Of Bluetooth (KNOB) attack on Bluetooth BR/EDR, its extension to BLE, and the countermeasures adopted by vendors, such as Google and Apple, to mitigate the KNOB attacks.